Consultant, Boston

My name is Andre and I’m a Consultant with Arthur D. Little, based in our Boston office in the US.

Prior to joining ADL, I graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Computer Science and had prior consulting experience in the TIME (Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media & Electronics) sector. I chose ADL because I was drawn to the unique opportunity it offers. ADL’s competencies across many industries mean that I can continue pursuing my interests in TIME but also branch out to gain experience working in other industries. ADL also strikes a great balance between small and large firms: its local offices have the collegial culture and feel typical of boutique consultancies while at the same time, ADLers have access to significant resources and international opportunities given the global nature of the firm. In fact, I’ve had the chance to work in Healthcare and Life Sciences and travel to several countries in the Europe and the Middle East since joining ADL.

I’ve had many truly exciting project experiences at ADL thanks to the firm’s focus on working side-by-side with its clients to achieve breakthrough results on growth and innovation. Recently, I spent several months traveling the US embedded with client team working on the commercialization of their new robotics solution. After that, I switched gears to investigate the business benefit and economic feasibility of artificial intelligence applications in another industry. These are just a few examples of the high-impact, strategic projects that I’ve worked on in TIME and other industries.

During my time at ADL, I’ve been impressed by the amount of responsibility given to ADLers, especially junior staff. We take ownership of our work from the very start and get highly involved not just in our projects, but also in the general management and development of the firm. ADLers of all levels of seniority are actively engaged in shaping the future of the company by playing a role in functions like recruiting, marketing, and diversity and inclusion, This speaks to the open culture at ADL, where everyone’s opinion is not just appreciated but also desired.

To aspiring ADLers: I encourage you to reach out and connect with current ADL employees to learn firsthand about their experiences and the company. We look for people who understand what we do and really want to be a part of it.