Testimonials - Daniel

I am a manager at Arthur D. Little. I have French and Lebanese origins and live in Vienna, Austria. I speak French, English, German and Arabic. I have traveled with Arthur D. Little to more than 20 countries, working in the biggest markets, such as the US, and smaller ones such as Malta. Outside work, I mostly spend my time playing sports, such as football. When traveling I look for the best climbing spots, such as Kilimanjaro!

Arthur D. Little was at the top of my mind when I started to approach strategy consulting firms to join. I chose Arthur D. Little over other companies because:

  • Since completing its management buyout, ADL has been a growing company with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • ADL focuses on very strategic projects, which implies high exposure to C-level, even for business analysts
  • I was interested in telecommunication and internet topics, for which ADL has premium positioning in Europe.

As a manager with Arthur D. Little, I am constantly exposed to C-level profiles. The intellectual stimulation to prepare analyses, present them and convince these people of my views is what I enjoy the most. Indeed, I have had many exciting experiences since joining Arthur D. Little. Recently, on the client side, I worked on the strategy of a giant telecom company as it prepared to launch its mobile operations. The day it went live, it felt great to be part of its story and realize that consultants could bring a real value to customers. In addition, only three years after joining the company, I was given the responsibility of driving our “Transaction” competence centre globally, as part of our telecommunication practice. It was very rewarding, and showed me all the options this company could offer me.

Work-life balance is important for me. At Arthur D. Little I have always been surrounded by people who cared about my well-being as a business analyst and consultant. Now, as a manager, I try to reproduce these behaviors and make sure my teams are happy with their work-live balance. To give you an example, on a recent three-month post-merger integration project in Zagreb, I encouraged every member of my team to take one hour off to play sports. Once a week, this one-hour session was substituted

with a boxing class supervised by a teacher who came to our hotel, and prolonged with team dinners to discover the city of Zagreb.

I was also fortunate to join the mobility program, spending six months in the Paris office. My experience there was enriching, as most of the projects I worked on had extremely high exposure to C-level and government representatives. I already knew the French culture very well, but I was surprised, after living for three years in Austria, to see that my colleagues and I could constantly learn from one another in many aspects, from structuring problems to running analyses and presenting findings. I was very well welcomed and treated like a local employee throughout the mobility program, with an assigned mentor and regular meetings with partners.

More recently, I had the opportunity to benefit from interesting training programs, particularly one in Dubai entitled “Present and Win”. Over a few days, I worked on improving my presentation skills; I was filmed and exposed to positive and negative criticism from my peers. It was a real moment of self-reflection in a friendly atmosphere, with informal dinners and drinks with the team every evening.

As I enjoy being part of this team, I highly recommend joining our company. At ADL, we look for excellence and individuals with strong personalities. We also look for people who like constant challenge. My advice is to be yourself and do not try to mimic a stereotypical image of a consultant.

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