Consultant, Rome

I am Giorgia. I am 28 years old. I am a passionate and determined person who works hard to achieve her personal and professional objectives.

I have always known I wanted to become a consultant. I came across Arthur D. Little during my university’s career days. Two weeks after finishing my degree, I started work with the company. Soon after, I realized I had not found just a consulting company, but a “consulting family”. In fact, people I work every day with, side by side, have become my closest friends. 

In my current position as a consultant, I most enjoy managing the junior members of my team. It is rewarding to drive them through their work at Arthur D. Little and to develop their consulting skills. It is also a first step for me towards more management responsibilities within the company. 

I have learned a lot about myself and Arthur D. Little during my “Core Consulting Skill” training course in Palma de Mallorca. It was not only interesting and useful in terms of content, but also a fun opportunity to meet enthusiastic people like myself, sharing the same willingness to learn more and become better consultants. It also made me feel part of something bigger, of a greater ambition that brings Arthur D. Little consultants together. If you put your passion and enthusiasm into this job, I am convinced you will get back an incredible reward in terms of both personal and professional enrichment.

Outside work, cooking has become more than a hobby for me. It has proved to be an amazing opportunity to nurture a variety of skills, with many applications in my daily work at Arthur D. Little. Cooking develops creativity, organization, work, patience and confidence, among many other things. When you try a new recipe and fail, you try to understand why, and you look for causes and question your methods and resources. Cooking has so many things in common with what we do in management consulting. In addition, this is a fun way to relax and chill out with family and friends, especially when I feel tired or stressed after work. It is also a great way to bond with people. Truly, I invite anybody to look at cooking differently and try the experience. You will not be disappointed.