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My name is Ingrid, and I live in Stockholm. I see myself as a poly-nerd with a knack for connecting dots. I have several centers of interest, which evolve constantly. My current focus areas include watches, artificial intelligence applications, wine-making, scuba diving, gemology and Yuval Harari’s latest book. Apart from that, I enjoy traveling and reading, meeting new (weird) people, and being outdoors – mainly skiing or hunting. 

Why did I choose Arthur D. Little? When I was a student, most consulting firms organized presentations at my university, but large behemoths never particularly attracted me. While global presence and impressive qualifications were prerequisites, decisive factors for me were the diversity, intelligence and humility of the people I met during the process, as well as the “entrepreneurial spirit” and “meritocracy” which appeared (and later proved) to be much more than words.

Since joining the company, I have had many rewarding individual case experiences and outcomes. To give you an example, I am now working in the Middle East, supporting an NGO with the development of a strategy and plan for it to realize its vision more effectively. Not only is the client very inspiring, but I find it exciting to work with a team of consultants with four educational backgrounds and four different nationalities across three continents. 

In fact, I realize every day that the whole is really more than the sum of the parts. A macro-level factor worth mentioning is that I find our company post-case and biannual reviews extremely rewarding for my professional and personal journey. I am a reflective person, and these give me the opportunity to think critically about causes and effects of events (both good and bad), as well as my own role in and stance towards them.

In my daily life at Arthur D. Little, I enjoy laughing out loud in meetings without losing productivity; complementing the work of extremely intelligent and inspiring people and organizations; and solving problems that make a difference to the state and development of people, society, and environment.

I appreciate our open, empowering and humble corporate culture. I find that one of our consultants’ characteristics is to be open to different perspectives and approaches, acknowledging that there can be several means to an end. Our consultants are also empowered and encouraged to be innovative and take initiatives, regardless of their origins. And, finally, I see a lot of humility among my colleagues, in the sense that each of them listen to you and value your opinions, thoughts and feedback from day one.

I also like the effort undertaken to ensure regular quality training. I participated in training on case management, which I found very useful to equip myself for future, more senior roles. Furthermore, equally important effects of the global training are the opportunities to get to know colleagues from all over the world, as well as to have loads of fun while exploring the training location – in this case, Barcelona.

If I were to give you interview advice, I would recommend you get in touch with us (e.g., via email, LinkedIn, or a corporate event at or near your university). If you have personal experience with us, it will be much easier for you to understand what you are applying for and why. Also, think about what really makes you tick, and try to come up with questions and indicators to help you confirm them in an interview.


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Working at Arthur D. Little means openness, empowerment, and humility. Everyone’s opinion is valued and taken into account.