Business Analyst, Oslo

My name is Trygve. I am 27 years old and from Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. I currently work as a Business Analyst in the Oslo office of Arthur D. Little.

I came across Arthur D. Little when they visited my business school, Norwegian School of Economics (NSE). I was, at that time, in my last year of studies (MSc in Business Administration). I liked the way the company presented itself with a clear international mindset and humble attitude. I had previously worked and studied in Japan, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. To work with colleagues of different nationalities, in an environment where international experience was highly valued, was what triggered me to choose Arthur D. Little. 

Currently, I contribute to the development of the new office of Arthur D. Little in Oslo. This is an exciting experience, similar to that of a start-up, with our team following a strong growth path. Everyone is encouraged to think creatively and take initiative. I really appreciate this entrepreneurial culture. 

In addition to this, I like how we work in a strong egalitarian environment. I feel that I can express my thoughts and ideas to my senior team and get their respect and consideration, despite being a junior consultant. After being active in youth politics for many years, I was afraid of having a job where I could only “nod and agree”. This is not the case at Arthur D. Little: the diversity of opinions is always encouraged.

But what I cherish above all at Arthur D. Little is the work-life balance. My biggest passion outside work is cross-country skiing. Prior to joining the company, I lived for months in a cabin in the mountains, where I wrote my master’s thesis. Since then, I have tried to get to the mountains as often as possible to relive this life close to nature. This is where work-life balance and flexibility at Arthur D. Little play an important part for me. As long as I deliver my work on time and with the required quality, I am free to choose my own schedule. I can work long hours in order to reach a client deadline, but I also can leave the office early whenever I intend to go to skiing in the mountains, as long as the work is done. 

If I had one piece of advice to give to job applicants at Arthur D. Little, I would say: Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Many believe that to be a management consultant, you need to conform, fill a mold, and respect a smooth and standard image. This is not at all true at Arthur D. Little! Our senior team appreciates it when we discuss sports and politics or show engagement on non-work-related issues. A one-dimensional person who cannot talk about anything other than work and only lives within the bubble of his own project would not fit in Arthur D. Little.