Business Analyst, Seoul

My name is Yong-mook, and I joined Arthur D. Little as business analyst. I am a recent graduate of Dartmouth College (US), majoring in Economics. While I was in college, my main area of study was development economics, and I wrote my thesis on the relationship between Indonesian palm oil production and child labor and education. 

Since joining ADL, I have enjoyed solving clients’ biggest challenges in various industries. With colleagues’ advice and help, I have followed a steep learning curve. I believe I will be able to equip myself with problem-solving skills and industry knowledge that will be useful for my entire career. I have always wanted to experience pure strategy projects, and Arthur D. Little is widely known in Korea for its tenacious focus on strategy. I believe a management consultancy can differentiate itself by the quality of the projects it pursues. I joined Arthur D. Little because it offers its consultants the best project experiences in Korea. 

If there is one thing that I enjoy most about my work, it is the pleasure of overcoming challenges. Every project I have experienced so far has presented unique challenges that needed to be approached and solved differently. It is a consultant’s role to design and execute such problem-solving scenarios, and I truly enjoy it and the mental reward that comes after a successful wrap-up of a project. In one previous project, my team and I were responsible for recommending a whole new business model for a top media company in Korea. In order to suggest such a ground-breaking idea, I had to prepare a lot of back-up material and research, as well as solid reasoning and logic, to persuade the client. At the final presentation of the project, the client’s CEO was very satisfied with our idea, and it was then selected as one of the major things for the client’s agenda the following year. This has been the most rewarding experience for me since joining the company.

Our corporate culture is truly amazing. Global office networks and peer consultants are always there to help us out, and they are very easy to reach. Here in the Seoul office, the culture can be described as “family like,” in which people are willing to help out, cheer, and sincerely encourage others’ growth. The culture here has helped me adapt to the work, and I am willing to offer equal kindness and helpfulness to new consultants, just as I have received from the people here.

Outside work, I am an avid tennis and golf player. Between projects on weekdays, I play tennis rounds with my friends. On weekends, I play golf with friends or family, or simply go out and have a picnic to refresh myself for the next project.

My advice to candidates: Be flexible and curious. The nature of consulting work requires consultants to be flexible and open-minded. Consultants face different challenges from industry clients. Go out, be adventurous and accumulate a variety of experiences! Varied experiences and interest will be helpful in unexpected ways.