Testimonial - Yuliya

My name is Yuliya and I’d describe myself as a determined and enthusiastic team player. The motto that I apply to achieving my personal and professional objectives is simple: “If you want to have something tomorrow that you've never had before, you've got to do something today that you've never done before." 

Although I am currently based in the Rome office, I was born in Minsk, Belarus. After completing a master’s degree in accounting & audit in Minsk, I wanted to spread my wings and progress further. I seized the opportunity to move to Rome to take a second master’s degree in business administration. Just before graduating, I attended an ADL corporate presentation at a university careers day. I remember thinking, “Wow, I wish I could work there!” I was enthusiastic then, but the job has turned out to be even more interesting than I had originally thought.

In fact, at ADL, each day is different, and it really is a continuous learning experience. You need to constantly understand how different industries work, find new solutions, and push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. During my career at ADL I have worked in sectors as varied as automotive, financial services, telecommunications and travel & transportation. I have had a wonderful opportunity to see different Italian cities and at the beginning of 2019 I spent a month living and working in Prague. In 2018, I attended the opening of ADL’s new office in Moscow. All these experiences allow you to come back professionally enriched, see new places, meet new faces, and share your knowledge with colleagues from other ADL offices. 

It is difficult to choose the most rewarding experience I’ve had since I joined ADL. Each project teaches you something; each person you work with helps you to learn something new and improve your abilities. I think ADL has an outstanding “family” working environment: professional, collaborative, and supportive, as well as motivating. There’s always the opportunity to get constructive and useful feedback. Your colleagues become your friends because you share important decisions and work side-by-side with them to find the best solutions. Sometimes these professional relationships even develop into your closest and longest-lasting friendships. 

So let me encourage you to start your exciting experience with ADL. You will grow as an individual in many ways. You will have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues as both a professional and a person by working on projects in other countries where you will experience new cultures and challenge your limits.

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If you want to have something tomorrow that you've never had before, you've got to do something today that you've never done before.