How we work
The difference in the way we work
Experience more collaborative, dynamic consulting

At Arthur D. Little we take a more open, collaborative approach to consulting. We know that real progress happens when everyone is pulling in the same direction. So we work side by side with you to drive change right across your organization, ensuring that we bring all employees on the journey with us. And when we identify a gap in knowledge or capabilities, we look to our Open Consulting network to find the right expertise – creating the optimal team and energy for progress.

Side-by-side: from the c-suite to the shop floor
Most firms talk about what they do. But few say much about how they do it.

We augment your capabilities by working in integrated teams to find the best solutions together we call it side-by-side working.

It’s a more personal, collaborative approach than many of our competitors who focus their attention on executive teams, while leaving the rest of the organization to figure out how to implement any recommendations. We believe our approach produces more successful, sustainable results for our clients.
Getting to the heart of your needs
By working side-by-side with our clients we get to understand their business at every level – the challenges they face and the competitive context they operate within.

From strategic and operational problems to dealing with risk, productivity issues or barriers to innovation – we identify weaknesses and work together with businesses to help them transform to overcome obstacles standing in the way of progress.
Taking people with us on the journey
The difference with side-by-side working is this: we bring all employees with us on the journey – not just senior leadership. We consult at every level of organizations to introduce ideas and innovations that make implementation more effective and outcomes more powerful.

We place great emphasis on the importance of relationships between our people and our clients, to help us find the best solutions together. It’s how we create the ideal momentum for change.
Ambidextrous thinking
We help clients deal with the opposing challenges, opportunities, pressure and priorities caused by convergence and the emergence of new technologies and industries.

Working like this is second nature to us at ADL. Every day we’re working at the intersection of new technologies, established industries and radical ideas. The result isn’t just disruption to the status quo, but entirely new ways of working, thinking and delivering value – in ways people never thought possible.
Perfectly poised
When we say that our consultants work with an ambidextrous mindset, we mean that we blend opposing skills and capabilities to deliver performance today as well as innovation for tomorrow.

With a powerful combination of creativity and rigor, we link people, technology and strategy in all relevant dimensions – to create solutions that are as original as they are pragmatic.

Open consulting

We work with an open network of innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists and academics – more than 6 million experts from across the world – who understand what the future holds and where technological opportunities lie and can connect ideas and industries to imagine what’s next.

Unlock a powerful difference

We work with ambitious thought leaders to uncover new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities and transform organizations. Send us an email, get directly in touch with any of our industry professionals or make enquiries by phone with one of our global offices.