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The Economics of Telecoms in France, 2014 edition

Arthur D. Little study “The Economics of Telecoms in France” focuses on Telecoms industry health and telecoms impact on the economy.



BelgiumChairman and Chief Executive Officer


The study highlights four key learnings:

  • Telecoms are a key engine of the digital transformation of the economy
  • Europe is the only region of the world that is not benefiting from the strong growth of the digital economy
  • In France, the telecom sector is suffering hardship
  • Tomorrow’s demand is stimulated thanks to infrastructures, services and trust in the digital economy

Updating the current legal and tax framework evolution is absolutely key to ensure the revival of the sector’s economy, as it would enable operators to maintain a high level of investment. This study presents concrete propositions at both a European and national level and defines an ambitious strategy to deploy a goal-oriented action plan. See Arthur D. Little`s  “

The Economics of Telecoms in France 2012” and  “

The Economics of Telecoms in France 2013”studies for further reading.


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