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Unlocking GigaWorld Innovation

GigaApps in a GigaWorld




Belgium Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


The GigaWorld is defining a new internet cycle, with additional network requirements


The second cycle of the internet is reaching maturity. Today’s internet – and its enabling applications such as e-mailing, web browsing and video streaming – require asynchronous and/ or one-way near real-time data transfer. Wider coverage and greater bandwidth have to date defined its value.

Meanwhile, a GigaWorld is emerging. A world in which people, machines and the environment collaborate intelligently in order to enhance our quality of living, to improve our mobility, grow our economy and empower our information sharing and decision-making


At the forefront of a new wave of GigaApps, we find Augmented Discovery, Virtual Telepresence and Automated Living. Critical real-time twoway transmission characterizes them. To ensure sufficient Quality of Experience for consumers, the enabling infrastructures and networks must provide new Quality of Service features in addition to coverage and bandwidth. Networks increasingly become the central enabler as they convey the data and interconnect devices and applications.

A new, third internet cycle has started. The success of the GigaWorld will depend on the room its innovation cycle will be given to function, to allow new innovative applications and devices to be developed, networks to be upgraded to GigaNetworks and new monetization models to be adopted.


Figure A: After 30 years of the internet, a new internet cycle is emerging: The GigaWorld

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