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ESG – The irreversible mega-trend

Why ESG and sustainable finance are the new normal for financial institutions

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainable finance can no longer be thought of as nonessential niceties. They are game changers that together will reshape the financial services industry. As such, they will become a driving force behind banking, their impact felt both broad and...
Financial services

An unprecedented opportunity for a new start

Rethinking corporations’ role for a sustainable future

Contemporary society has not been effective in transforming discussions around sustainability into concrete and strategic actions. Today, we see the results in terms of climate change impacts, rising inequalities, and natural environment deterioration. The pandemic further highlighted the need for...
Organization & transformation

Accelerating post-pandemic e-learning

An opportunity to establish a sustainable digital education system

Life during the global COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for parents and children alike, as their normal everyday routines were upended. At its peak, school closures impacted around 1.6 billion learners in 190 countries worldwide, leading to the rapid, sudden expansion of digital learning....
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Where to go from here: The race for decarbonization

Strategic choices for infra investors and the energy sector

Utilities & alternative energy

Waste management

Tackling the challenge in emerging countries

Utilities & alternative energy

The green light at the end of the tunnel

The adjective “life-changing” has become something of a cliché in the popular media – you can win a life-changing sum of money in a competition, or you can experience a life-changing event, such as a serious illness. After such an event you have a strong sense that you can’t go back to how things...

The Green Gambit – Investing for corporate strategic

The pandemic has transformed the environment for green investment, unlocking new opportunities as governments, corporates and investors all take a fresh look at their priorities. As this article explains, now is the time for companies to adopt a new focus on nurturing disruptive innovations, making...

Green energy – How to outsmart disruption and future-proof

With more robust global political climate ambitions, green growth is an increasing driver of greater value for energy and utility companies, as well as for corporates across all sectors. With 2020 a green watershed, the authors outline key opportunities that leaders need to seize to futureproof...

The Future of Mobility postCOVID-19 – Turning a crisis into

Deserted city roads and empty buses and trains were among the most striking images from pandemic lockdowns around the world. However, successful cities have a gift for adapting to radically changing circumstances – how can the crisis be used to drive more sustainable, resilient, human-centric...

On the threshold of a revolution – New opportunities for

5G promises to transform customer entertainment, enabling completely new, immersive, real-time experiences. How can companies harness 5G to meet changing consumer demands? The authors explain key trends and opportunities and, in particular, how telcos can use their 5G strengths to build leadership...