Case Interview
What is a case interview?
Case interviews are designed to reflect client challenges and give you the chance to explore problems and make recommendations. We use it to assess your ability as a consultant and not to test your business sense or sector knowledge.


Listen actively

Make sure you take notes and focus on the core issue

Ask for clarification when needed

Don't be afraid to restate the question back to the interviewer and agree on the objective and case context

Structure your process

Ask for time to structure your case – you should present at least two layers and be ready to discuss them

Solve the case

Follow your structure and make sure you ask questions and request data when necessary. We also encourage you to think out loud to show us your thinking process

Close the case

Reconcile the outcomes of the previous step and be prepared to defend the side you choose

What we’re

looking for

  • How your mind works. Show us that you have an intellectual curiosity.
  • Your ability to solve problems with critical thinking and a proactive nature.
  • How you use the data and how quick you are with your calculation.
  • The approach you take and how confident you are in your solutions.