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Unlocking potential

The moment for a pervading digital transformation for telecommunication and media companies has finally come. It’s not a matter of opinion anymore; fixed, mobile and media players must now fit into a new environment that’s accelerating the convergence of communications.

In this period of upheaval, our Telecom, Media & IT consultacy help organizations adapt and innovate to accelerate their performance. From overcoming challenges and competitive threats to realizing the potential of digital technology and convergence – we work side-by-side with clients to create new possibilities.
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In today's world of telecoms, information management, media and electronics, change is constant, with new new technologies disrupting the industry and presenting new opportunities to get ahead. Our services keep you at the cutting edge of progress.

Value Growth Strategies
We support media groups, investors and consumer brands to navigate digital transformation, develop growth strategies, leverage brands and assets, and develop portfolio strategies.
Innovative Business Designs
We cover emerging digital and data-driven business models to transform both service providers and industries towards successful ecosystem players.
Media and Entertainment
We help clients to develop content and media strategies, helping them adopt new and emerging technologies and adapt to changing customer trends to get ahead in a rapidly changing landscape.
Network Technologies & Economics
We support clients to develop technology strategies and optimize network operations: assessing technology and investment, defining strategy, Capex planning and identifying innovative network operating models.
Future of Operations
Our global team of operations experts supports leading telecom operators on transforming their operational value chains for customer experience and bottom-line impact.
Transactions Related Services
We support and guide companies and investors in the TIME industry with our deep, combined industry and M&A expertise for every step along the transaction journey.
Strategic Advisory Services for Competition & Regulation
Our SASCAR team offers a complete set of capabilities to support Public Sector and Regulators shaping Public Policies and industry players defining their regulatory strategy and regulatory compliance.
Strategy review and Business models 2030
We help telecom players to identify and implement industry-shaping business and operating models designed to secure future success


We have a long history of experience and innovation in Telecoms IT, Media & Electronics consulting, but it has never been more exciting than now. Our global team of strategy and transformation experts support telcos to define their strategic plans, adapt to changing societal and industry pressures, and then transform their businesses and move ahead.

Through our Open Consulting network of innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists and academics we create pioneering new operating models, technologies and ideas for success that create a difference for our clients and give them a performance edge.

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Our people

Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

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We work with ambitious thought leaders to uncover new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities and transform organizations. Send us an email, get directly in touch with any of our industry professionals or make enquiries by phone with one of our global offices.