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for success in the digital age

Realise the potential

Today, every company wants and needs to become digital. But what this actually entails will be different depending on the industry, size of the company, and competitive environment. We help businesses overcome challenges standing in the way of digital progress and create the shift that find the right degree of digitalization – their digital equilibrium.

Creating a seismic shift in performance

Our Digital Shift consulting team helps clients to identify their digital needs and opportunities, harness the power of technology and data, and then implement the processes, ecosystems, culture and mindset to make continual digital transformation a central part of how their business works. We put people at the heart of how we work, ensure digital progress has a human element. Learn more about our services here.

The Human
Whenever we create a Digital Shift for our clients, we put people at the heart of everything we do, transforming mindsets, building new skills and creating a digital culture within your organization. We believe this is keyfor the success of every Digital Shift.
Digital business models & customer value
Servitization, Digital Marketplace and Open Ecosystems -three foundations for (more) digital business models help clients harness digital progress and drive customer value in the face of continual technological change.
Flywheel & ubiquity
The Arthur D. Little flywheel approach helps to identify your core business drivers to establish a solid foundation for all transformation efforts. We help clients develop respective digital tools to continually innovate, transform and optimize their operations in pursuit of their organization's defining purpose.
Roadmap & monitor
We help our clients define a clear roadmap for success to achieve sustainable growth in the digital era and measure success of the Digital Shift.
Communication & change
We help clients to combine purpose with agile principles, success factors and digital tools to successfully implement change management and adapt to the challenges of digital transformations.
Technology & connectivity
We help organizations to proactively assess their technological functions and assess emerging technologies to ensure they continually stay ahead in the innovation race.
Data & analytics
Many companies fail to fully utilize the opportunity of their most valuable asset, data. By helping clients unlock the potential of their data we radically improve their operations and create disruptive new business models.
Ecosystems, processes, digital twins
By developing smart business networks with real-time delivery of material and data, we help clients create success built on smart digitalization – digital processes embedded in functioning ecosystems.
Empowerment & governance
Organizations today need to balance short term needs to perform with long terms needs to adapt and innovate. We help businesses achieve a Digital Shift, that delivers scale & productivity as well as speed, agility & creativity.
Security & compliance
We give organizations the security tools to overcome the threats of digital technologies and create integrated digital security approach that protects their business, people and assets while optimizing their digital journey.


From healthcare providers to railway operators, automotive players, insurers and even entire cities – we help clients from every sector to realize the true potential of digitalization. Whether we’re overhauling legacy systems or starting from the ground up – we have  built a strong track record of experience and have expertise in creating holistic approaches that create a powerful Digital Shift and make a difference for our clients. 

Our people

Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

Unlock a powerful difference

We work with ambitious thought leaders to uncover new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities and transform organizations. Send us an email, get directly in touch with any of our industry professionals or make enquiries by phone with one of our global offices.