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Navigating the shift to sustainable

Energy is at a tipping point. While traditional energy markets face uncertainty and volatility, the shift towards sustainable energy systems is imperative – with prices starting to reflect the new balance of power. At the same time, utilities are reinventing due to rapidly changing market, social and political pressures.

Our power and utilities consulting team help clients navigate the changing landscape, cope with complex challenges, innovate and adopt new technologies that will shape their organization, industry and society as a whole for years to come.
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From automotive and battery tech creating clean mobility to digital tech developing smart power systems – technological development is reshaping how the world works. We help clients realise tomorrow’s most promising opportunities.

Power Generation
From nuclear decommissioning strategy, to OPEX and CAPEX excellence, recovery and management - we offer a broad array of services in power-generation to our clients with a particular focus on nuclear-energy segment.
We understand the key challenges faced by transmission-system operators (TSOs) and how different companies respond across diverse areas from energy storage to regulation, financing, public involvement and beyond.
Digitalization & Innovation
Electricity markets are undergoing systemic change where utilities must evolve into new, digital organizations, or become obsolete. We help clients traverse this historical revolution in the utilities business model.
Renewables & Energy Efficiency
We have vast experience working with large players, start-ups and emerging companies, performing critical strategy and implementation work that helps to implement sustainable solutions.
Commercial Excellence
We help clients realize commercial excellence by enhancing their products and services, optimizing costs, conducting organizational restructuring, enhancing customer care and optimizing debt structuring.
Water & Waste management
We’ve performed over 50 critical water & waste management projects over the past 10 years – focusing on disposal, integrated waste management, corporate finance and CAPEX, working for utilities, manufacturers, private-equity and public-sector clients.


Over the years, Arthur D Little consultants have helped pioneer progress in energy and utilities across the world. Today, as the world transitions towards sustainability our expertise is invaluable.

Our power and utilities consulting team have in-depth, practical experience in the sector and work side-by-side with clients to make a difference and create original and pragmatic ways to improve performance. Through our Open Consulting network, we identify opportunities for transformational innovation in Utilities & Alternative Energy that will help our clients move ahead and create a more positive future.

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Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

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