Corporate finance


Targeting the right opportunities

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s integral to understand which targets are worth pursuing.

At Arthur D. Little, we provide independent, impartial and expert advice to ensure the good deals get done. We achieve this by using our firm’s global strengths in dealing with strategy and organizational issues in technology-intensive industries.

Our corporate finance advisory services are closer to the industries that matter. We provide clients with essential insight that will deliver greater value when analysing prospects and as acquisitions integrate.


Arthur D. Little’s Corporate Finance Advisory Services (CFAS) team can support organizations throughout the transaction process. From helping to prepare robust business plans to effective post-merger integration. Our tailored services that build on our strategy-consulting heritage and support our clients from beginning to end. 

Investment/divestment targeting and appraisal
Working with management, we identify the key criteria for target/purchaser selection based on the client’s strategy and the dynamics of the target industry.
Business-plan creation for purchasers and vendors
Our coporate finance consultants help our clients communicate opportunities effectively to ensure that good deals are completed to their maximum benefit.
Commercial due diligence
We review business plans for both sellers and buyers, giving our assessment of the ability of the organization to deliver its financial forecasts.
Our advice is sought in a variety of situations to assist with strategic decisions, in support of merger-and-acquisition negotiations, for accounts preparation (e.g., goodwill impairment testing), or in support of litigation.
Post-transaction support: post-merger integration
We can help our clients to manage post-transaction integration activities to meet specific industry and company priorities.
Post-transaction support: working-capital release
We help our clients, particularly those with multiple business units spread across many geographies, to identify opportunities to release cash and then successfully execute the working-capital release plan.
Restructurings and work-outs
We advise and assist owners and management in identifying opportunities so they can streamline businesses and stabilize cash flows.
Strategic financial modeling
We have developed a robust, flexible methodology to enable efficient development of financial models that reflect the underlying economics of the business in question.


We have been at the heart of technological progress and innovation for 135 years. And we work in close collaboration with our Open Consulting network of innovators, entrepreneur academics, technologist to understand what the future holds, and which businesses and technologies will shape it. This knowledge and insight has been invaluable to our corporate finance clients across the years and is increasingly important as the world becomes more complex.

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Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

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