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The intelligent pharmaceutical supply chain

Enable a superior patient-and-caregiver experience with a leading-edge digital supply chain

By Marc Herlant, Simon Bauwens, Hugues Bocquet

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The combination of new drugs, new treatments and advanced data analytics solutions creates superior opportunities for patients, making treatment more effective, more affordable and less intrusive, with a positive impact on their quality of life.

This evolution will bring fundamental changes in the way companies interact with patients and caregivers, which, in turn, will impact the capabilities required for operations and supply chain.

The challenge for companies is to develop these new capabilities by identifying useful and necessary initiatives, without putting the ongoing operations at risk by building service models on the basis of correlations that will not be sustainable in the future.

To navigate through this data analytics environment, Arthur D. Little has developed a maturity model to evaluate the current situation and development priorities in the supply chain.

This model allows understanding of the functional areas in which a company has developed the most advanced analytical capabilities, with potential to leverage these.

To develop these new capabilities, we propose a scientifically validated methodology to evaluate the data analytics pilot projects. This model allows companies to gain confidence in the models, and use them as foundations for new service models supported by new capabilities and sets of analytical competences.

Combining the maturity model with the analytical methodology provides a concrete starting point for leaders who want to develop new capabilities in the supply chain.


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