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From due diligence to portfolio improvement

In a booming mergers and acquisitions market, any deal can look attractive, but few will deliver value. To identify the best opportunities and achieve a good deal you need better insight than the competition and stronger execution skills.

Our private equity consulting team ensure clients are supported across the deal life cycle – and beyond. We make a transformational difference for our clients, helping them to identify the right deals that will generate superior returns. We understand where value lies today, and the industries where it will emerge in the future, helping our PE clients improve performance and find the best opportunities first.
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Finding the right deals that deliver greater returns is ever more challenging for private-equity funds, as they face competition from each other and from new entrants such as hedge funds. Our services keep you ahead.

Proprietary Deal Flow
We deliver clients a short list of attractive targets to approach, as well as an industry “primer” detailing key trends and dynamics shaping the targets’ business.
Due Diligence
Rigorous due diligence has never been more important when every targeted company's business is affected by a multitude of complex factors. We make sure you get it right.
Portfolio-company Improvement
Actively managing your portfolio is the only way to gain superior returns. We give clients an actionable business plan for their investments, even before they close on deals.
We work across a variety of situations to assist with strategic decisions, in support of merger-and-acquisition negotiations, for accounts preparation, or in support of litigation.
Post-transaction Support: Post-merger integration
We help clients to manage post-transaction integration activities to meet specific industry and company priorities.
Post-transaction Support: Working-capital release
We assist companies, particularly those with multiple business units spread across many geographies, to identify opportunities to release cash and execute working-capital release plans.


We have extensive expertise in consulting for private equity firms, with experience working side-by-side the industry’s most successful players. Over or the past three years, we’ve served over 100 private-equity and venture-capital clients, from the largest global buyout funds to mid-market investment houses across the world. 

With acquisition multiples on the rise, it’s increasingly difficult to find "cheap" deals and generate superior returns from classic financial-engineering (leverage) strategies. Successful investors must focus on the operational improvement of portfolio companies, something we at Arthur D. Little intimately understand. 

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Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

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