Learning and Development
Learning and Development
Take control of your career

The opportunity to excel

At Arthur D. Little, we believe that we can all continually improve – that's why we invest in you.

We support you at every step of your career, helping you identify and hone your unique strengths and encourage you to grow by providing formal and informal development programs, coaching and mentoring. We want you to ask questions, take chances, and explore ways to become the best version of yourself.



During your first couple of weeks, we'll introduce you to key individuals such as your Assessor, your Managing Partner and other team members. This helps you develop relationships rapidly and better understand the firm, its processes, and requirements. At Arthur D. Little, you're not just joining a company but a community and network.

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum provides you with in-depth programs to help you build all the skills you need to grow and excel at throughout your consulting career.

    Designed for more senior analysts, our Advanced Consulting Skills program focuses on the challenges in building successful client and peer relationships, increasing confidence and boosting personal effectiveness. 

    From understanding your stakeholders to learning how to deal with conflict effectively, our Case Management program provides you with the technical and people skills you need when starting to manage cases and becoming responsible for the work of others.

    Our Core Consulting program is designed to help you understand ADL's unique approach - and your part in it. You will acquire the practical tools and techniques you need to approach projects confidently, develop the communication skills required to generate the right information, ideas, and engagement, and how to present your solutions engagingly.

    This is where the journey from manager to leader begins. In this program, you will learn the essential capabilities for leaders and be asked to reflect on your aspirations, motivations, and strengths.

Mentorship and feedback
Mentorship and feedback

You are automatically assigned a mentor right from the very start. They are usually experienced consultants, often principals or partners, who provide support in integration and finding your way. Once you have come to know your co-workers, you can also choose your own mentor to help steer the course of your career with skills that align with your ambition.
Your project managers and co-workers will also routinely support you by providing regular feedback. Know how you are progressing and how you can develop yourself to improve further and establish a fulfilling career.


Most of our consultant training courses are international, with participants from across our global organization. These courses are not only designed to develop your skills as a consultant but also to provide our employees with an international network of colleagues and friends.

During the last few years, most of Arthur D. Little's international training has taken place in locations such as Mallorca, Dubai, Lisbon and Nice. On average, you can expect to participate in one week's training per year. 

International mobility program

Our International Mobility Program is your chance to gain experience in one of our offices around the world. London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore – anywhere is possible. We make this opportunity available to consultants who achieve excellent results and show great potential. You can take six months to two years to discover new cultures, gain invaluable international team experiences, grow your network, broaden your horizons, and maximize your personal development.