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How to master continual change

The consumer goods & retail market is being disrupted, reimagined, reinvented and disrupted again at breath-taking speed. We’re breaking into a new era of virtual shopping. New ownership models are emerging – with the demand for personalized experiences, products and services superseding traditional retail.

Only those who can understand the forces driving progress – and adapt – will flourish. Our retail consulting practice helps clients anticipate change, innovate and transform to push the limits of their performance and lead the way to a brave new world of retail.
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From digitalization, to VR, sustainable production and beyond – our consumer goods & retail consulting team help clients harness new trends and technologies to stay ahead of the crowd.

Breakthrough Incubator
We create step-out new businesses from ideation and insight to launch – innovating end-to-end at lower costs, and faster speed to market to meet changing consumer demands of the moment.
Vision & Future Insights
We use the latest analytical tools and expert insights to identify key drivers in consumer goods and retail to anticipate the future and develop robust strategies for our clients.
Strategic Planning
We help clients respond to a rapidly changing environment developing strategies to harness convergence and digital technology, improve speed to market and adapt to changing customer demands.
Finding New Growth
We provide external perspective and competences to identify new opportunities in adjacent and converging sectors that translate into practical avenues for growth.
Digital Transformation
The consumer goods industry is being transformed by digital technology. We help our clients stay ahead as change accelerates, helping them adapt to an ever-changing world.
M&A Support
We help consumer goods, retail, and investor clients to identify value in the market, execute effective business plans and complete transactions that realize potential.
Performance Excellence
We offer a range of services to achieve performance excellence for consumer goods companies, focusing especially on R&D, Procurement, Marketing, and Quality functions.


Our practice of over 60 specialists works side-by-side with clients to unlock value. And through our Open Consulting network, we can provide customer engagement strategy that can identify the next big consumer and retail trends before they land.

From understanding the impact of digitalization to greater emphasis on customer experience and the changing use of physical spaces – we help clients anticipate and pivot to the new modes of retail and radically improve their performance.

Our people

Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

Unlock a powerful difference

We work with ambitious thought leaders to uncover new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities and transform organizations. Send us an email, get directly in touch with any of our industry professionals or make enquiries by phone with one of our global offices.