Organization & transformation


Adapting to constant change

The world today is moving faster than ever. Change is constant. Digital and technological progress are speeding the convergence of industries and ideas, meaning continual disruption and reinvention are a feature of the new normal.

Our organization consulting unit helps clients meet these challenges to make their organizations more efficient and effective. Working side-by-side we assist clients in accelerating change and improvements to their organizations, as well as creating collaborations with other organizations.


At Arthur D. Little, we've been been one of the leading organizational consulting firms for 135 years. We combine our industry expertise and organizational know-how to develop and implement high-performance processes and organizations.

Ambidextrous organization
We help our clients futureproof their organizations by employing a unique assessment framework to inform on current status, development gaps and direction setting for organization development.
Restructuring process
We help our clients maintain control over the end-to-end process by managing the process, partnering with law firms as expert advisors to ensure a focus and precision from start to finish.
Post-merger integration (PMI)
We help our clients manage post-merger integration in line with specific industry and company requirements.
Change management
We work with clients to build their change management capabilities in the short term, as well as to improve performance over the long term.
Unwritten rules of the game™
We help clients discuss the undiscussable and eliminate organizational problems that hamper real change and development through the Unwritten Rules of the Game (URoG) appraisal.
Competence evaluation
We help define what is truly unique about a company, and put emphasis on leveraging core competencies through strategic architecture and organizational learning.
Organizational design
Our aim is to help your company to gain competitive advantage by designing and implementing the organization that best fits our client's purpose.
Balanced scorecards (BSC)
Balanced scorecards (BSC) bridge the typical gap between well-defined strategies, perspectives, key ratios, actions and budgets.
Organizational learning
We have been heavily involved in creating and shaping organizational learning in a vast number of client situations.
We bring together teams with capabilities in operations, strategy and organization that are qualified for the pursuit of perfection.
Integrated management systems
We work side-by-side with the client to develop the intellectual structure of the integrated management system, as well as assisting the client with the hands-on change process.
Knowledge management
Investors and analysts increasingly relate a company’s value to its ability to generate, use and grow its tangible assets. We help your organization to increase this value.
Root-cause analysis
We use the "why" analysis to help our clients focus on finding true reasons for underperformance instead of finding cures to symptoms.


Throughout the long history of our firm, we have been involved in projects that help clients transform their organizations and realize the opportunities of change. We help clients balance the need to perform today, with the challenge to innovate and adapt for the future. Today, our digital transformation consulting is helping clients innovated and transform for an increasingly connected future. By creating original and pragmatic ideas that are easy to implement, we help create a real and lasting difference for clients enabling them to thrive throughout disruption and change.

Our people

Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

Unlock a powerful difference

We work with ambitious thought leaders to uncover new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities and transform organizations. Send us an email, get directly in touch with any of our industry professionals or make enquiries by phone with one of our global offices.