The opportunity of changing fundamentals

The chemical industry is undergoing dramatic transformation. Growth is shifting investment and innovation towards Asia and the Middle East. Unconventional feed stocks in North America and other regions are driving capital investment opportunities. And technological progress and social and economic change is reshaping markets, creating challenge and opportunity.

Our chemical industry consultants make a powerful difference for clients by finding creative solutions to pressing challenges – helping them innovate, transform and thrive in the face of an increasingly complex world.
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Through materials science, battery technology, the drive to decarbonization and beyond – the chemicals industry is pivotal in driving other markets. Our services help clients push the chemistry of progress to their advantage.

Strategy & Portfolio Management
We create detailed strategic plans to help our clients adapt to a rapidly changing industry – enhancing their operations to develop a market-leading strategic advantage
Organization & Performance Improvement
Operational excellence is at the top of the agenda for chemical executives. We work side-by-side to help clients build supply chains, implement efficiency programs, and optimize global resources.
M&A Support
We have extensive experience working with chemicals and investors seeking to identify, evaluate and execute M&A opportunities in the sector.
Sustainability & Risk Management
We help clients integrate sustainability into their business strategies to achieve measurable and lasting results that enhance competitive position while improving efficiency.
Technology & Innovation Management
We help chemicals clients innovate products and processes, capturing the opportunities created new trends and advising on the technologies to acquire, accelerate, maintain and divest.


We’ve been helping clients involved at the cutting edge of chemicals throughout our entire 135-year history. Today, our chemicals consulting practice continues that tradition, with deep expertise in the sector and a strong track record helping some of the biggest names in chemicals. 

Through our Open Consulting network, we’re connected to the brightest minds in the field. We can see what’s coming next – in chemicals and the industries it serves – helping us make a powerful difference for our clients. Working side-by-side we augment their capabilities – helping them realize opportunities and drive progress.

Our people

Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

Unlock a powerful difference

We work with ambitious thought leaders to uncover new growth opportunities, build innovation capabilities and transform organizations. Send us an email, get directly in touch with any of our industry professionals or make enquiries by phone with one of our global offices.