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Travel & Transportation is in a period of dramatic flux. Increased customer demands, the effect of the pandemic, new technologies, digitalization and the drive to decarbonize are all fuelling disruption across key sectors of travel, transportation and logistics.

We specialize in both travel consultancy and transportation consultancy, managing the complexity of change and innovation for our clients – helping them to anticipate key strategic and operational challenges facing the industry – and then act on them to deliver transformational results.
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From digitally connected infrastructures birthing Smart Cities to battery tech and sustainable energy transforming mobility – convergence is creating new possibilities in travel and transportation. We specialize in managing the complexity of change and innovation to help clients move ahead.

Future of Mobility
Our Future of Urban Mobility (FUM) lab supports public and private clients to shape the extended-mobility ecosystems of tomorrow and facilitate an open dialogue between mobility stakeholders.
Strategy & Business Plans
We enable clients to develop and implement strategies that fully address the opportunities provided by a very dynamic and growing mobility market.
Branded Customer Experience
We help clients maximize customer experience (CEX) to create superior value by converting customers into fans. We focus on three areas: core services, value-added services, and customer relations.
Tendering Strategy & Support
We provide tendering strategy and support to private traffic and service operators. Our team helps plan and complete large tenders, managing projects crucial to driving the future of mobility.
Future of Operations
We help clients adapt to unprecedented levels of technological change – working side-by side to define their approach and guide their journey from strategy development through to implementation.
System-Level Improvement
We accelerate collaborative improvement programs between key stakeholders of transport ecosystems to create benefits for all and optimize performance across the board.
Value-Based Risk Management
We put in place value-based risk management (VBRM), to help clients respond to change and focus risk efforts where they deliver the most value across integrated transport systems.
Capital Projects & Asset Management
We develop and enforce strategies for asset management to deliver sustained asset performance, cost-effectively.
Safety Management Effectiveness
We work with our clients to develop world-class safety management and assurance in their businesses, to strengthen confidence and improve business performance.
Strategic Competence Management
We support clients in enabling optimal resource availability and capability to cope with relevant skill requirements, helping companies define the appropriate answers to strategic issues.
Next Generation Organization
We optimize client set-ups, ensuring lean structures that fulfil industry requirements and customer demands. Our side-by-side approach ensures tangible results in every phase of organizational transformation.
Value IT
We help clients boost their IT and make it a key asset. We devise IT masterplans by defining organizational structures, and optimizing their application, technology and data landscape – focusing on quality, speed and cost.
Procurement Excellence
We establish a sound basis for performance and competitive cost, using procurement excellence to create a solid and reliable asset base underpinned by a wide range of services and management functions.


Our Travel & Transport practice is a team of highly experienced consultants with expertise spanning the sector and the industries it connects with. 

From airlines to rail operators, city authorities to freight management and transportation management – we have proven time and again the powerful difference we make to our clients, using deep industry knowledge to guide and support the development of successful strategies.

Today, in partnership with our Open Consulting network of industry specialists, academics and innovators – we deliver next generation thinking to imagine new possibilities and find original ideas to unlock performance.

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Our people

Our people create the difference we make for our clients, supporting them with proven strategies, innovative techniques and original ideas that find value unlock progress and create pathways to success.

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