Your growth


At Arthur D. Little our teams are made up of exceptional people with an ambidextrous mindset. We foster an open environment and encourage people to take risks and think innovatively. To get the most out of our people we believe that they are never the finished product, and we are all on a pathway to continually improve. With that in mind, we are dedicated to developing our people through formal training and on-the-job learning from the moment you join.


We’re committed to ensuring our people have the best advice, guidance and opportunities for growth through our mentoring program and continual feedback.


On arrival at Arthur D. Little, we assign each new employee with a mentor.

They are usually experienced consultants, often principals or partners, who provide support in integration and finding your way in the Arthur D. Little family. Once you have come to know your co-workers through project work, training and events, you can also choose your own mentor to help steer the course of your career with skills and experience that align with your ambition.

Throughout your time here, your mentor acts as a contact person for questions and problems, whether they are relevant to the project work or not. They also regularly discuss your personal development and further career goals, ensuring you have the knowledge and guidance to flourish and reach your full potential at every stage of your career.


Your project managers and co-workers routinely support you by means of regular feedback. This ensures that you always know how you are progressing and how you can efficiently work on yourself in order to improve further.

At the end of a project, your project manager provides you with an official written assessment that is discussed with you in an open, constructive talk. This is yet another way to make you aware of your strengths and your potential for improvement. You can also expect feedback about your participation outside of the project work, for example, in business development.

All feedback is consolidated in an end-of-year review. This overall feedback not only indicates which training sessions might be useful for you, but also suggests when the right time for a promotion might be.

International mobility program


Our International Mobility Programme provides consultants at ADL with the opportunity to relocate to a different country for a defined period. London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore – anywhere is possible.

As part of our International Mobility Program, we allow consultants to gain experience internationally in one of our offices around the world. This opportunity is offered to consultants who achieve excellent results and exhibit a high degree of development potential. You can take a period of six months to two years to get to know new cultures and gain invaluable experiences in international teams, grow your network, broaden your horizons, and maximize your personal development.


We support our people with the opportunities to extend their formal learning and development at some of the world's leading eductational organizations and establishments. We help our people to become more creative, entrepreneurial and expert in their fields – and more capable of making a positive impact.


Working as a consultant is demanding and requires both resilience and flexibility. For this reason, we always ensure that our employees have the space they need to balance the demands of their jobs with the opportunities of a rich and fulfilling life. At Arthur D. Little you have the option to take a leave of absence regardless of where you are in your career. This option gives you up to a year to implement personal projects and realize your dreams.

We also appreciate that it’s not always easy to juggle children and a career, so offer our people part-time parental leave. We actively promote the compatibility of family life and a career. Once you have taken parental leave and return to your workplace, we offer a number of highly flexible work-time models.

It’s all about striking the right work-life balance and ensuring that we have a happy and healthy community at Arthur D. Little – one that is informed and inspired by life to make a positive impact on the world.