Your Success


We don't believe in being constrained by 'what is'. Instead  we're inspired  by asking 'what if?' If you share that mindset, explore the roles we recruit for below.


Some careers look for a rigorous mindset. Others ask for creativity. We don't think you should have to settle. As a business analyst at Arthur D. Little you’ll work on well-defined tasks of each assignment with the close support and guidance of your manager to make a positive impact from day one.

We look for recent graduates from the best universities as well as people with have 1–2 years’ experience in a similar position. You’ll have an excellent academic track record, preferably in engineering, science, finance, economics or law, with potentially an MBA as an additional asset.

Your Role
- Gathering facts and analyzing data from various sources
- Extracting key messages from your research in a clear and concise way
- Assisting the team in building presentations and reports
- Providing input in client meetings regarding your own work
- Interacting with customers during workshops and interviews
Your Profile
- Possess the necessary analytical skills
- Have a good sense of professionalism, making you a credible partner in the eyes of the client
- Have the right interpersonal skills to be an effective part of our case teams – adapting rapidly to the diverse environments you will be exposed to

To work in an ambitious yet appreciative environment is highly motivating. Besides the challenging and unique projects at Arthur D. Little, this is what inspires me the most.

Ben, Principal


As a consultant at Arthur D. Little you will take ownership for the delivery of important parts of the assignment under coordination and supervision of your manager.

You’ll already have gained 3–4 years’ experience in consulting, banking or industry, or you have just completed an MBA. Now’s the time to take your career to the next level.

Your Role
- Take front-to-end accountability for a number of business-analysis projects, which you structure and complete with minor senior guidance
- Build compelling presentations conveying key messages in a clear way
- Present your recommendations with poise and confidence to senior audiences
- Assist other members of the team to ensure successful delivery
Your Profile
- You're a result-oriented individual with established interpersonal skills and leadership abilities
- You have the right analytical skills to tackle challenging questions and solve complex business issues with minimal support
- You have excellent oral and written communication skills, with a flair for presenting with impact


We are always looking for the brightest minds to join us and have open roles across the world. It's time to discover the next big step in your career.


As a manager at Arthur D. Little you’ll lead the successful accomplishment of our assignments.

We look for candidates with relevant management experience in a consulting firm, or in a similar position in from within the industry. Our managers ensure we work effectively, side-by-side with our clients, steer the strategic direction of assignments and manage and develop less experienced members of the team.

Your Role
- Structure the overall mission in line with the client’s issues and needs
- Provide clear, focused support and expertise to your team in structuring and solving problems
- Manage the workload while coaching team members to ensure a successful delivery
Your Profile
- Demonstrate broad industry knowledge combined with sharp business acumen
- Be able to quickly develop an understanding of the client’s situation to maximize the impact of Arthur D. Little’s presence
- Be able to fall back on appropriate leadership and convincing skills to motivate your team and drive change in your client’s environment

As a director or partner, your success will be gauged primarily by the contributions you make to business development. You will focus on client care and support projects on site as a director in charge.

You will be the client’s contact with senior management, and be responsible for business development with existing and new clients. In addition, you will play a major role in the key management of select clients.

You will also take on management tasks, for example, as the practice manager of an industry or functional practice.


A principal is a mature and experienced professional who is able to win, plan, manage and deliver large and complex projects to clients’ satisfaction. They are recognized in the relevant professional field or industry sector as an accomplished expert, and have an extensive network of professional contacts.

The principal is a significant contributor to business development, taking lead responsibility for a substantial area of business and/or one or more key accounts, and initiating or steering sales campaigns when appropriate.

Alternatively (or in addition), the principal is the professional leader of at least one important area of the company's business, developing and applying new consulting methodologies and ensuring their rigor and relevance. The principal is recognized by colleagues as a professional authority, and acts as a guide and mentor for less senior staff.