'MFT' framework developed by Arthur D. Little
'MFT' framework developed by ADL
This section introduces 'MFT (Market Function Technology)'


a typical example of a framework developed by ADL.

Over the years, ADL has supported companies in innovation creation, technology and market strategy, and organizational management, and has contributed to the creation of strategies for various companies by developing its own methodologies in response to the objectives of its clients. For example, in addition to SMT (Strategic Management of Technology) and SPRO (Strategy, Process, Resource, Organization), MFT (Market Function Technology) are typical examples.


MFT, which was developed by ADL in 1999, is an approach that links the correlation between market requirements and the technology that realizes them, by means of a central function between the two, and is used in a variety of industries and businesses to identify markets, challenges, and the technologies developed. It is an effective tool for organizing the linkages between markets, issues and developed technologies in various industries and businesses (Figure A). 

MFTⓇ is registered by ADL as a registered trademark No. 6736647 in Japan.

Figure A: MFT is a tool that links markets and technologies by the value they offer


MFT framework


It is a well-known fact that the probability of success in creating innovations in new technologies and new developments is low if only one of the two perspectives is taken: the seeds of technology or the needs of customers. Therefore, it is important to consider how the technological seeds possessed by the company can be used to solve customer problems, while placing emphasis on the customer perspective.


On the Market side in Figure A, market needs are described, while on the Technology side, technological seeds are clarified. The relationship between customers and technology can be clarified by linking these in the central Function section, based on the value provided (customer satisfaction).


History of MFT

1999 ADL Tokyo office developed MFT.

In "How to Effectively Explain and Persuade Management to Establish New R&D Themes", 1st edition, planned and edited by Gijutsu Jyoho-kai, Inc, 31 May 2017, p. 33-57, p. 34, the author, Yusuke Harada, President of Arthur D. Little Japan, says "The MFT method ( Market-Function-Technology) is a method developed by ADL, also in its Tokyo office, and has been used in a number of projects since its first project in 1999." He describes it as "MFT", which was developed and continues to be used by ADL.


March 2010: ADL was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to carry out a '2009 Industrial Technology Survey Project (Survey of Measures Related to Technology)', which analyzed the characteristics of various industries using MFT.

As an example of the project's use, ADL was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to conduct a '2009 Industrial Technology Survey Project (Technology Policy Survey)', and a report analyzing the characteristics of each industry using MFT is available on the website.

On page 3 of the report, the three items 'Market', 'Function' and 'Technology' are listed in this order from left to right, and an arrow-like shape is drawn from 'Market' to 'Function', while an arrow is drawn from 'Technology' to "Function", indicating that they are closely related.


September 2010: ADL is mentioned in the MFT Frame of the GLOBIS MBA Management Dictionary.

The MBA Management Dictionary on the GLOBIS website includes the heading "MFT Frame", which is a framework intended to facilitate the image of commercialization by placing the concept of "function" (utility) between "elemental technology (seeds)" and "market needs". It was developed by the consulting firm Arthur D. Little." It is described as.