By bringing together game-changing technological innovation with the brightest minds across disciplines, from mathematics to physics, engineering, biology, neuroscience and beyond – in our teams, or through our open consulting network – we’ll give you the space to make anything possible.

Building on practical experience and insight into technology and across industries, we help clients solve intricate business challenges, create and scale their next great ideas, and effect and accelerate technological change.

Solutions Portfolio

Predicting the price of commodities with 98% accuracy
We enabled a leading petrochemical company to predict the price of their key products, helping manage price risk and maximize profit in volatile market conditions.
Reducing operational and financial risk in clinical trials
Using probabilistic modelling, we increased the resilience of forecasting and planning for the clinical research operation of a major pharmaceutical company.
Predicting the progression of COVID-19 and its impact on business operations
We’re helping a pharmaceutical business to foresee and prepare for pandemic scenarios in over 40 countries, adding resilience to their global delivery and operations.
OpEx optimization and data-driven market development and infrastructure plan
We helped a fast-growing telecom operator optimize their OpEx and developed a targeted market development and infrastructure build-up plan.
Automated compliance using Natural Language Processing
For a new multi-billion-euro multinational energy project, we developed a risk compliance system that uses NLP to achieve 100% coverage in auditing large sets of multilingual documentation.
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We have an industry-leading data science team ready to apply cutting-edge AI/ML algorithms to your most difficult business problems.

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