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China’s commercial aircraft take-off

Arthur D. Little looks at the recent development of the Chinese commercial aircraft industry

Aerospace & defense, Travel & transportation

Iran: Ready for a telecom leapfrog

With growth factors aligned, Iran might be on the verge of a digital transformation

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Petroleum refiners and shippers struggle over marine fuel

Tighter marine pollution regulations force marine-fuel value-chain players to rethink industrial and business models in order to maintain their competitive positions after 2020

Oil & gas

Interview with Mattar Al Tayer, Director general & Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Road and Transport Authority (RTA)

Travel & transportation

Urban mobility – Learnings from the Middle East

Travel & transportation

Agility in managing electricity grids: The case for batteries

Utilities & alternative energy

Logistics 4.0 – Facing digitalization- driven disruption

Travel & transportation Digital transformation & analytics

Using agile approaches for breakthrough product innovation

Technology & innovation management

Ecosystem innovation

Technology & innovation management

The Digital Century: where is value headed in the digital space?

With supporting conditions, Europe can regain a leadership role in this fast-growing ecosystem.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Digital transformation & analytics