Manager, Prague

My name is Matěj. I am manager in Arthur D. Little’s Prague office. I focus on solutions in energy and infrastructure asset management, but I have also participated in projects in travel & transportation, healthcare, and the public sector. Before joining Arthur D. Little, I studied at the University of Economics in Prague and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina (US).

I came across Arthur D. Little during my last year of master’s studies, when I was the president of Club 307, a student organization that gives a platform to ambitious students who want to enter the management consulting world. One of my responsibilities was to interact with consulting companies, including Arthur D. Little. After graduation, I chose Arthur D. Little because, not only is it one of the world’s top management consulting companies, but I also felt it would offer me the best opportunity for personal growth and professional development. 

There are never two days alike in management consulting – especially at Arthur D. Little. Every week brings new challenges, and constant interaction with clients makes days unpredictable. One of my most rewarding experiences since joining Arthur D. Little was during a project in Riyadh, when the client, already very satisfied with our work, specifically asked us to stay and work on the follow-up project modules. I was pleased with the recognition from the client and the confirmation of a job well done.

I always think about Arthur D. Little as a one big family, in which everyone looks after each other. The environment is very informal and friendly, with easy interactions between all staff. Work-life balance is observed carefully. It materializes through various things: team dinners, after-work drinks and team-building activities, as well as the individual approach to the employees. Our managers try to consider individual requirements when scheduling work (e.g., taking care of kids, sport and cultural activities, and previously standing engagements).

Once a year, our office in Prague organizes a unique event: a Night Golf Cup. After sunset, both clients and consultants play golf with glowing balls, using headlamps and torches on the fairways. This unusual golf competition is not only a lot of fun, but also provides great opportunities to interact with business partners in an informal environment. And for me, because golf is a passion, it is a time of year that I always look forward to!