Executive Event - Corp-Up #2
09 October 2019

Start-up-corporate collaboration: pain or gain?

The Age of Collaboration is back!

3 years after our first edition of the Age of Collaboration report, collaboration between start-ups and corporates has gained significant importance. With 98% of corporates having collaborated with start-ups until today and 12% of corporates’ top-line revenues being impacted by start-ups, corp-up has gained momentum and is no longer a niche market.

Arthur D. Little and Match-Maker Ventures conducted the study Age of Collaboration II and invited executives and experts from across industries and 18 different countries to share their experiences and deep-dive into the
co-value creation of bringing corporations and start-ups together.

The Event Summary summarizes the key findings of the study as well as the discussions of our executive event in Vienna with presentations from Arthur D. Little, Match-Maker Ventures, leading industry players A1, Bosch and Palfinger Group as well as the start-up Vintom.

You can find the study The Age of Collaboration II here: https://www.adlittle.at/en/age-collaboration-ii