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Acing 5G pricing

How to price 5G for optimal monetization

Leading telcos have switched on their 5G networks and launched commercial offers to acquire early adopters. With the scale of investments required for 5G, the consumer pricing strategy becomes a critical lever for recouping these investments. In this viewpoint we aim to provide a framework for...
Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Rethinking on-demand mobility

Turning roadblocks into opportunities

Travel & transportation

Ambulance services – Optimizing operations

Rethinking emergency services for efficiency

Healthcare & life sciences

Resolving customer complaints in the digital era

Telcos: Dare to care ?

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Lost in transformation

Strategic options for transportation & logistics companies in a changing market

Transformation has arrived in the transportation & logistics industry. However, we have only just witnessed the start of an extensive change process that will shake up the balance of power. Players unable to adapt to the new reality will face immense pressure, as entire business models are at...
Travel & transportation

Embracing the future

How can operators embrace telecom disruption?

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Will Chinese EV start-ups reshape the automotive industry?

The successes, challenges and roadblocks for EV start-ups

With Chinese regulators’ stimulation policy, a number of EV start-up companies have been set up since 2015. Many of them aim to launch EV products with high levels of artificial intelligence, connectivity and autonomous driving technology. In this viewpoint, Arthur D. Little reviews major players’...

Autonomous Mobility Journal

Edition 1 – December 2019

Travel & transportation

Beyond cost efficiencies in shared service centers

Alternative focus to maximize shared service center value generation

Financial services, Operations management

Do companies get the most out of Hazard & Operability (

How to break through constraints in hazard identification

HazOp analysis is undoubtedly one of the most effective hazard identification techniques in the manufacturing industry. In fact, it is rigorous, reliable and repeatable. However, complex organizations often struggle to integrate safety and operations synergically in this kind of study: dependence...