Arthur D. Little Schweiz AG
Sempacherstrasse 15
8032 Zürich
Tel: +41 43 243 1408

Michael Kruse
Zurich, Switzerland
Managing Partner

Michael is a Managing Partner at Arthur D. Little based in Zurich, and member of its Executive Committee. Leader of Arthur D. Little's Global Energy & Utilities Practice and co-head of Central…

Dr. Fabian Doemer
Frankfurt, Zurich, Germany

Fabian is a Partner based in our Frankfurt office, and is leading of our Innovation Practice in Central Europe. Fabian led Arthur D. Little in the region for over 14 years since 2010. For over 20…

Dennis Gottschalk
Zurich, Switzerland

Dennis is a Principal based in Zurich and a member of the Utilities & Alternative Energy Practice leadership team in Central Europe. He is focused on the improvement of operations and performance…