Ambition-Driven Strategy

Helping a large chemical company develop an ambitious long-term growth strategy


  • The client wanted to develop a growth strategy which would allow the company to be among the top three chemical companies worldwide. A proven methodology for strategy development and chemicals competence, combined with the capability to facilitate learning among numerous client team members, was required.


  • Arthur D. Little applied its Ambition-Driven Strategy™ in order to develop business-unit strategies and, subsequently, a comprehensive corporate strategy. The approach was largely workshop based and included a large number of client team members to allow for the sufficient contribution of expertise.


  • Individual growth strategies, both organic and via acquisitions, were developed for all product groups. These were integrated to form the overall corporate strategy, which aimed at achieving massive yearly growth to attain the objective for a top-ranked position by 2020.
  • The developed strategy specifies the required details in terms of capital expenditure, human resources build-up, etc., in order to support the required growth rates. All product strategies were documented extensively to provide the client with sufficient guidance during the implementation phase.