Data-driven customer value system design
Financial services

Enabling a data-driven centralized customer database, using heterogeneous information through multiple canals.


We helped a primary financial institution with data-driven customer value system design. The client was facing the challenge to manage the data customer journey, enriching the customer database with heterogeneous information coming from any source. 


We designed the analytics model and data architecture in order to:

  • Create of a centralized database to collect all customer information (web, social, accounting system, contact center, distributors, external data, etc.);
  • Evaluate the adoption of a market tool for analysis and reporting;
  • Define a unique customer point of contact;
  • Create a channel bridge between the financial institution and its distributors.


The client gained new, data-driven evidence in the product development process in accordance with compliance requirements, along with a cultural change of mind.

90% retention / 1.4x marketing campaign effectiveness