Enterprise portfolio management solution design & roll-out
Utilities & alternative energy

Helping a nuclear licensee with the concept design and roll-out of an enterprise portfolio management solution


  • The client, a nuclear new-build program, was organized as a legally independent company. As the license holder, it was responsible for the safety and economical soundness of the new-build program. 
  • Since establishment, the company had been using a grown IT structure, partly based on systems of its parent companies, partly based on its own systems. Many business processes were not effectively IT enabled and executed manually. Further, there was no sophisticated schedule, cost and resource management in place.
  • We were asked to develop the concept design and roll-out of an enterprise portfolio management solution (“Primavera”) based on an assessment of the IT landscape.


We conducted 3 main tasks: 

  • Firstly, boundary conditions were detailed (in terms of all binding legal and nuclear regulatory requirements). 
  • Then, an as-is/to-be IT landscape analysis was conducted. 
  • Next, capabilities and skill requirements were defined and project-reporting mechanisms were designed (specification of requirements for reports and customization of Primavera to generate reports). 
  • At the client’s request, Arthur D. Little continued to provide implementation support after the formal closure of the consulting engagement.


  • The to-be IT landscape was found to be compliant with regulatory requirements and company objectives.
  • Primavera was successfully introduced as an effective portfolio management solution. 
  • Our client was able to achieve greater transparency in the cost of the new-build, its earned value, and its time schedule and resourcing requirements.