Identification of a future growth strategy for a Chinese agricultural commodities company
Consumer goods & retail


A major producer and aggregator of agricultural commodities wished to identify new opportunities for higher value uses of its materials. It commissioned our support to establish radical new step out opportunities in food and non-food crops across a wide range of commodities and materials, to underpin activities in a new research centre.


We worked intensively with a small corporate core project team to bring external insights and good practices in the future of food and agriculture, by:

  • Profiling food and non-food crop future technology opportunities and likely areas of disruption
  • Establishing the “size of the prize” for each opportunity area, within China and globally
  • Running a series of interactive workshops to prioritise the most promising opportunities
  • Developing an outline strategy and implementation plan to guide future direction


Focused, long range target picture to shape the overall direction of a new research centre and the generation of new insights around foresight and technology convergence in agricultural commodities.