Technology management system design
Oil & gas

Designing a technology management system for the exploration and production- technology center of a major South-East Asian national-oil company


  • The client wished to define ways of working for the newly formed EPTC Technology Management (EPTC-TM) function to enable it to better deliver research programs in enhanced oil recovery and the exploitation of CO2-rich oilfields. 
  • Arthur D. Little was engaged to assess existing ways of working, design a new technology management system based on best practices, and then coach EPTC-TM in how to use them.


  • Using benchmark information from other NOCs and IOCs, we developed a means of assessing the maturity of existing processes within EPTC-TM. 
  • Working collaboratively with the EPTC-TM team, we developed new technology management processes for technology scanning, assessing business needs, defining technology strategy, stage-gating, research and implementation. 
  • We defined supporting tools and templates, governance arrangements, key performance indicators and interfaces between the processes to form an overall technology management system. We also identified roles, responsibilities and resourcing requirements for the new processes. 
  • Finally, we recommended how the organizational structure for EPTC-TM could be improved to better deliver the processes.


  • A bespoke technology management system has been deployed within the client’s Exploration and Production Technology Centre. 
  • The tools and templates are being used to aid key decisions (for example, whether to make, buy, or collaborate when acquiring new technologies). 
  • Work is under way to deploy these tools and good practices in other parts of the client’s organization.