An Eye on Disclosure: The EC's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
Issue 3, 1993

"... Whereas the provision of information to the public, by companies, on the environmental aspects of their activities is an essential element of good environmental management and a response to the growing interest of the public in information on this subject..."Official Journal of the European Communities Eco-Management and Audit Regulation 29 June 1993 With increasing intensity, the public is demanding that companies not only reduce the impact of their operations on the environment but also report publicly about their progress in reducing impact. Consequently, various requirements for public reporting have been developed in Europe and North America over the last decade. In particular, the European Community's just-completed Eco-Management and Audit Regulation, which goes into effect in 1995, is establishing an important precedent by describing both the form and content of the information companies should disclose publicly. Though participation in this scheme is voluntary, its provisions will have broad impact, as the public will begin to expect the same kind of information from all companies and sites. Thus, companies choosing to meet the regulation's standards will be a step ahead of peer companies in understanding how best to satisfy stakeholders' environmental information needs.