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(13) Increasing importance of human resource

The key is the capacity to envision business



The first issue is how to create collaborations between developed countries such as Japan and the places in the fairly-developed industrial countries and newly industrializing countries. The corporations in the developed countries used to think that the role of the fairly-developed industrial countries and newly industrializing countries was only to manufacture a large amount of products at low cost. However, as the attractiveness of these countries as a market place is increasing, the relationship with the local corporations is changing from merely subcontracting to a partnership.
In the fairly-developed industrial countries and newly industrializing countries, the level of demand for quality and technology is still low. However, in order to defeat competitors, the speed from starting up a business to putting it on track should be accelerated. To achieve this, it is becoming increasingly popular to establish an R&D group and the products’ supply and sales system through the collaboration of multiple corporations in developed countries and newly industrializing countries.
Under these circumstances, the technical human resources need to have the capacity to look at the extensively intertwined and diverse conditions and make a decision in a comprehensive manner. They must have the capacity to develop a comprehensive business plan by thinking about the feasible businesses based on the findings of R&D, the flow of the domestic and international organization and administration, and rapidly-changing market condition.
It is not possible to adequately respond to the situation with a conventional approach of gradually increasing the target areas based on the local activities. We must have a vision of the entire business from the beginning, as it is said, “If the wind blows, the bucket makers prosper (an event can bring about an effect in an unexpected way)”, although this may not be an appropriate saying. Then, every workplace should be operated with a focus on the vision and the concrete goals based on the vision should be developed.
A good example is the “Toyota Way 2001” which was developed by Toyota as a common norm for their employees. This is an approach to state the keywords such as challenge, improvement, genchi-genbutsu (go and see), and teamwork and seek optimization as a system around the world. How to look at the global business development with a technical perspective and make far-sighted decisions. The existence of the technical manpower with capacity to envision business like an entrepreneur determines the strength of a corporation.

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