The Future of Healthcare
by Nils Bohlin, François Deneux, Marc Herlant, Dr. Ulrica Sehlstedt
How to embrace the opportunity?

We’re living in exciting times!

Unprecedented changes are ahead of us: artificial intelligence, the internet of things, big data, and social and commercial networks are radically changing the way we live and do business, and the impact of these changes will go above and beyond the 1990s experiments with the “dot-com” wave.
The life sciences Industry is well positioned to take advantage of these changes, as leading companies have successfully overcome patent cliffs with innovative products, and new generations of drugs are being profiled to address unmet needs in a variety of disease areas. An invaluable set of opportunities lies ahead:

  • Much more than a buzzword, digital health is developing at an incredible speed. The obvious starting point is the next generation of patient-support programs (e.g. in diabetes ), which will seamlessly integrate patient parameters to adapt and optimize drug treatment, along with the development of i-health through individual (micro-) devices.
  • "Therapy integration platforms” will incorporate multiple suppliers and formats of care, improve diagnostics, objectivize and structure longitudinal patient data, and ultimately predict and prevent the evolution of diseases: disease-modifying therapies are at our doorstep.
  •  Science is sizzling and innovation accelerates: pipelines’ NPV’s are promising and an agile ecosystem of discovery, research and development has been cultivated within the industry. New medicines and platform technologies arrive on the market, providing essential therapeutic improvements and addressing unmet needs in numerous disease areas, including numerous orphan conditions.
  • While healthcare financing remains a point of attention, new pricing and reimbursement models emerge, e.g. indication-based or outcome-based, allowing for more systematic and legitimate value pricing.
  • Rising standards of living in emerging markets and aging and empowered patients are driving the need for more and better care: an ever-growing pool of individuals are accessing improved care and ultimately a better life, which will result in new opportunities for the industry, provided it can leverage its scale and adapt its economics.